Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some People Do Like Bugs

I had a guy do my hair once who had a tattoo of an Asian long-horned beetle on his arm. Pretty cool tattoo, if you’re into tattoos and bugs. Turned out he loved bugs and had several other tattoos of other bugs. His absolute favorite was one of a dung beetle he had somewhere I couldn’t see. He explained to me why the dung beetle was so awesome and so important, ecologically speaking, to life in the great plains of Africa. 

Anyway, the dung beetle eats poop. Loads of it. It’s pretty much all it does (aside from reproduce). Which, it turns out, is extremely important when there are lots of large animals running around eating each other and pooping. Life without the dung beetles would be gross. It would be like living in a city without trash or sewer service.

The guy made perfect sense. I could totally see why this bug was a very necessary, good, and important bug. But the question I couldn’t push completely out of my brain was, “If you tattoo a dung beetle on your person, are you not announcing to the world that you are a pile of poop?”