Saturday, June 8, 2013

Complacent Bunnies

The house we currently rent has a large, wonderful dog yard. I say wonderful because someone landscaped it 40-50 years ago and nothing beyond basic maintenance has been done since. Meaning there is nothing that can be harmed by a 55 lb. dog. There are also no wild animals around that might decide she’s a snack, or anything else that can harm her. And there are bunnies.

The dog is ten now, so I’m not real concerned for the bunnies. But I still do a quick spot check before I let her out. If I see any, I clap in an attempt to scare them off. They’re pretty complacent though, and sometimes I have to step out in the yard and wave my arms at them to make them run up the hill that borders our yard.

The dog, meanwhile, is standing on the other side of a screen door watching me. She keeps dancing from one paw to the other and wagging her tail like crazy, a great big dog-smile on her face. It occurred to me that she thinks that I too am after the bunnies.

I think I might hide a dog-toy bunny out there one of these days so that I can “catch” it and give it to her.