Saturday, June 22, 2013

Considerate Jackrabbits

When our dog was a puppy, we lived in New Mexico in the middle of 13 acres of desert. We overestimated the success of a puppy training class once and let her off-leash. She took off after a jackrabbit and chased it for what felt like hours (it was probably ten minutes). It was a very considerate jackrabbit in that he chose to keep criss-crossing our land rather than just lead our puppy straight to Colorado.
The jackrabbit looked like he was planning his weekend, barely exerting any effort at all running from our slobbering, hysterical puppy. He ran back and forth, never letting her get much closer than about ten feet. Finally, the jackrabbit yawned, checked his watch one last time and said, “thanks for the cardio, pup.” Then he slowly pulled away from her. The exhausted puppy gave up and my husband scooped her up and carried her back to the house. Then we realized she had dozens of cactus spines in her feet.
It took 20 minutes to get them all out, and several weeks before she would let us touch her feet again. She’s still a little funny about them.