Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eight Feet in Half a Second

The staple pit was a temporary work area that had been set up for extra help workers (temporary, no benefits) and a handful of draftees from clerical (I was one). I called it the staple pit because the work done there mostly involved pulling staples out of old files to prep the files for scanning. The project went on for months. There were so many staples stuck in the carpet, it almost glittered.

One day, someone in the staple pit was talking about an article they had read about how toilets, when flushed, throw all sorts of nastiness into the air as far away as eight feet from the toilet. For several weeks after that, the ladies' restroom was a very dangerous place. Not because of what the toilets were flinging into the air, but because women from the staple pit were hurtling themselves out of the stalls after they flushed in an attempt to clear the eight-foot perimeter.