Friday, June 14, 2013

Even my Dog Loves Philz

A few weeks ago, I let my dog have my empty Philz cup after I’d finished my sweet and creamy decaf Sumatra. She’s generally less interested in beverages than solid food, but she can spot a milkshake at about nine yards.

The big draw for her is prepared food in/on paper -- bags, cups, boxes and plates. Because she knows there is a possibility she’ll be allowed to lick paper cups, boxes or plates. I don’t like letting her lick real plates because then I have to wash them ten times before they go in the dishwasher. Dog spit is damn near impervious to soap. I usually end up using Barkeeper’s Friend to get it off, which is really hard on some dishes, which is why her bowls are stainless steel.

The dog is a respectful beggar. Meaning she’ll stare holes into your brain while you eat, but she keeps her physical distance and usually won’t make noise until everyone has pushed their plates away. At that point, you really have to clean up or let her have something or she’ll start making a noise that’s a cross between a worried sounding “hmmmm” and a low growl.

I didn’t think she’d be too excited about the Philz cup. With most drinks, she really just wants to double check that it’s not a milkshake and she’s done. Not so with Philz. She finished with my cup and then immediately turned her attention to my husband’s Mocha Tesora. Ever since then, I have noticed the air becoming a little bit humid on Saturday mornings while I am enjoying my cup of Philz. I look down, and there’s my very smart dog staring holes into my brain. For a cup of coffee. And she knows I almost never have milkshakes before 8 AM.

Maybe I should buy a cup of Peet’s decaf and offer her the emptied cup next to a recently quaffed Philz and find out if she’s just a very smart dog, or a freakin’ genius.

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