Monday, June 17, 2013


Riti was very pretty and supremely lazy. She was an extra help worker who worked in the staple pit. When she did work, she could be reasonably productive. She would work for several days in a row until she had accumulated some volume in terms of output, and then take the day off. She didn’t stay home though. She would come in to the office, sit at her station, and stare straight ahead. She was social and would talk and interact, but in the absence of an interesting distraction, she would just cross her arms and stare.
Riti was later offered a permanent position. Her new job was an entry-level clerical position that required her to do many more things than she was accustomed to. Riti came up with a new mantra to deal with her new responsibilities. Whenever she was faced with something she found difficult, she would say, “I’ll just put that aside for now.” 

“Aside” turned out to be a large drawer in her cubicle. When she left to take another job, the drawer was opened. I have no idea who got stuck with everything Riti thought was hard, but someone did. I just remember the look of outrage on her supervisor’s face when she looked in the drawer. Riti had been putting things aside for years.