Saturday, August 3, 2013

Barky Dog

My dog is generally well-behaved. In fact, her only flaw is that she can be very nervous.  She’s fine most of the time, but in unfamiliar situations or with unfamiliar people she is nervous and anxious to be going. I think she’s perfectly reasonable, but then when I re-read the last sentence I realize I’ve just described myself.

Back to the dog. She doesn’t bark without a solid reason. Solid reasons include someone at the door (she unleashes holy hell for UPS), very large trucks in the neighborhood (I’m pretty sure she has connected the dots to UPS), or roughhousing (husband grabs me, I yelp, dog barks OR our two cats are messing with each other and they manage to surprise the dog).

This is the first yard we’ve had in a while that I don’t mind letting her run around in unsupervised. So she does. The funny thing is, she has begun barking at the neighbors, if they happen to be outside too, and (I’m guessing) do something that surprises the dog.

So this is what has been happening: I hear the dog bark. I go to call her inside, but instead of having to call her, I find her at the door. Her demeanor says something along the lines of, “Oh my God, oh my God, let me in quick! I just called the neighbor a stupid cat-face and now I’m afraid the stupid cat-face is going to get me!”