Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Honey Badger

I was running into storage problems. I now had a couple of large stacks of pre-printed barcode sheets and nowhere to put more. I identified some shelves in the staple pit and asked the head of the division, when he poked his head in one day, if I could relocate some things from those shelves so that I could use them for barcode sheets. He said sure. So I did. Turns out, the things I moved were not as abandoned as they looked.

The next morning, the one phone in the staple pit rang. No one ever used it, so when it rang it made me jump, which in turn startled a couple of other staple people who weren’t quite awake yet. I picked it up and held the receiver as though it were a feral cat. It was Eddie, calling from about nine feet away in his cubicle outside the staple pit. Apparently I had really pissed off a girl in clerical by moving her stuff. Not to worry, because Eddie had taken the blame for me, but I needed to move the stuff back pronto.

I told Eddie that he had better clear things up with her about who was responsible, because it was me and I wasn’t interested in giving up those shelves. If she still had a problem she needed to go see the head of the division, because that’s the guy who ok’d it. 

I am not confrontational by nature, and I’m pretty sure that chick from clerical would have kicked my ass in high school, but I can go completely honey-badger when I’ve got a project I’m excited about, and I was excited. Many of the staple people had caught up to the pre-printed barcode sheets, and there was every indication that the new system was working beautifully. 

A little while later, the head of the division came by and asked me to come with him. He showed me an empty cube outside the staple pit and told me it was all mine to fill up with barcode sheets (but I would need to give up the shelves in the staple pit). I went back to the staple pit and put back the angry girl’s stuff, then went back to my new cube to clean, because this honey badger hates dirt.

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