Friday, September 13, 2013

My Avatar is Younger and Hotter than Me

I found a site I am kind of excited about ( It’s a place where bloggers can get their stuff read without spamming facebook friends, burdening spouses or other relatives, or otherwise behaving in ways that make me feel beggy. I put up a post a while back and held my breath. 

It was wonderful. Lots of people read my post, way more than ever before, and some even left kind comments. It’s a contest, and I did not win, but it was really fun. I put up another post for the weekend not-competition. Also fun. The only thing was I needed an avatar. There aren't lots of pictures on my blog. I don’t even have an about page yet.

I do have a very cool picture of one of my cats yawning that I took with a phone about five years ago. I thought it was lost (it was two phones ago), but my husband was able to find it in some dusty old computer file. Anyway, I have been using it as an avatar when an avatar is required. So I used it at yeah write. Of course, I goofed up when I submitted my first post and my cat appears to be destined to spend however long they keep that post up yawning sideways.

I did better with the second post. At least the cat is the right side up. Then I poked around the site some and read that posts with people faces for avatars tend to get read more. I decided I needed a people face. I had my husband take a bunch of pics of me and downloaded free trials of Photoshop and Illustrator. I wanted the avatar to look like me, but not exactly like me because my blog is anonymous. After much frustration, I had an avatar that looked too much like me, and another that looked completely scary.

I decided I might prefer a cartoon avatar like some of the ladies on yeah write have. I found a website where you can make an avatar using the features available on the site. The thing is, very little is exactly right. Like for hair color, they did not have brown with huge amounts of white (my grey is white) on top. Nor did they have white with splotches of residual brown underneath and at the front.

Also, you can add wrinkles to your poor little avatar’s face, but they are a little unfair. I have wrinkles, but they don’t make me as sad as the ones on my avatar. I deleted them. When I was done, I used Illustrator to draw some dark brown into all that white hair. 

I got the eye color right, and the t-shirt, but the end result was younger and hotter than I am. She doesn’t break out, or get puffy, and no one will ever accuse her of being courageous for choosing not to dye all that grey. I’m not sure I like her.

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